Do I have to set up anything for L3/L4 DDoS protection?

Network and transport layers (L3/L4) DDoS protection for your domain will be automatically activated once you activate the Multi CDN feature. 

With Multi CDN, your domain is automatically protected from L3/L4 DDoS attacks like:

  • TCP SYN flooding: attacks that exploit SYN part of the normal TCP 3-way handshake by overloading the targeted server with SYN segments, consuming the server’s resources, and rendering it unresponsive.
  • TCP ACK flooding: attacks that attempt to overload a server with ACK segments, denying service to other users by slowing down or crashing the target server using junk data.
  • UDP flooding: attacks in which a large number of UDP packets are sent to a targeted server with the aim of overwhelming that device’s ability to process and respond.
  • Reflection attacks: attacks in which a very large number of forged UDP or TCP DNS requests that are bound to be sent from multiple DNS providers to a targeted server, that aims to overload the server and render it unresponsive.
The network and transport layer (L3/L4) DDoS protection is an innate capability of Multi CDN.