How to delete an SSL certificate?

You have the option to delete an SSL certificate from the platform. However, different SSL types have their own method.

Zero SSL

Zero SSL cannot be removed manually if it's currently assigned to a domain. It will be automatically removed when:

  • The domain was removed from the platform.
  • You've assigned a custom SSL to the domain that was initially using Zero SSL. Check this article to learn about switching SSL certificate types.

Custom SSL

Navigate to ‘Account’ on the navigation bar, then go to the 'SSL' page, and find the SSL certificate you'd like to delete. Hover over the SSL certificate, and click the trash can icon.

You can only delete an SSL certificate if it's not assigned to a domain (or have ‘Inactive’ status). To unassign Zero SSL, switch to Custom SSL. To unassign Custom SSL, either switch to Zero SSL or upload new Custom SSL.

CDN generated SSL

At this time, you cannot remove a CDN generated SSL without uninstalling the CDN.