What is 'CDN generated SSL'?

Some CDNs generate their own SSL and do not accept custom or third-party SSL. When you activate this kind of CDN for your domain, the mlytics platform will automatically generate an SSL certificate via that CDN for you.

You can find more information on the 'CDN generated SSL' in:

  • SSL list
  • General

CDN generated SSL in 'SSL list'

Navigate to 'SSL list' and if you see anything other than "Zero SSL" or "Custom SSL" under the 'Certificate type' column, it's a CDN generated SSL.

CDN generated SSL in 'General'

Navigate to 'General' and scroll down to the 'SSL' section.

Find the 'CDN generated SSL' under the 'Certificate' section, click the view icon and you'll find all the SSL generated via CDN.