How to upload my SSL certificate?

You can upload and store your own SSL certificate to the mlytics platform. There are two ways you can add a custom SSL:

  • Upload upon adding a domain
  • Upload in the 'SSL list'

Upload custom SSL upon adding a domain

When you select 'Custom SSL' when adding a domain, the system will guide you through the upload process.

Once added a domain, you'll see the setup button on the domain list.

Click on it, and you'll see the custom SSL configuration page. If you don't have a custom SSL available (you didn't upload an SSL or no usable SSL is available), the system will ask you to upload one from scratch. SImply paste the SSL details to the corresponding fields and click 'Verify' once ready. Please note that we only support X.509 SSL at this time.

If you already have a custom SSL available (you uploaded one before and is usable for this domain), the system will inform you a usable SSL is available.

You can click 'Use this certificate' if you'd like to use the existing SSL certificate, or click 'Upload new' to upload a new one.

Upload custom SSL in the SSL list

Navigate to home > 'SSL list' and click 'Add certificate'.

You can now add a new SSL certificate either using 'Zero SSL' or 'Custom SSL'.

  • Zero SSL: generate an SSL certificate via mlytics for free; you cannot generate a Zero SSL for a domain that's not on the mlytics
  • Custom SSL: upload your own SSL certificate

Subject alternate name (SAN) SSL certificate

The mlytics platform supports SAN certificate if you want to use one certificate for multiple domains. You can add the SAN certificate via the methods above, the system will auto-assign or give you the option to assign your SAN certificate to a domain.