Managing routing strategies

The 'Routing strategies' feature is highly customizable, you can reorder strategies to re-prioritize the triggering order, you can modify the strategy settings, and remove it if necessary.

Reordering strategies

The strategy order is extremely important because it dictates which strategy to trigger first depending on the network status in the location of a request. To modify the order/priority, click the ‘priority’ button (next to the 'Test' button). Now you can drag and drop the selected routing strategies into the order you want.

Once you're done, remember to click the 'Reorder' button to save.

Deleting a strategy

You can delete a routing strategy you created by hovering over a strategy, and click the trash icon.

You cannot restore a deleted strategy, please double check before proceeding.

Modifying a strategy

If you want to make changes to your strategy, you can hover over a strategy you'd like to modify, and click the settings icon. 

Modifying a strategy is exactly like creating a new one, you can select what type of strategy and customize it. Once you're done, hit 'Save' and you're good to go.

To understand how strategy ordering works, check this article.