How to purge cache?

To access purge cache, navigate to 'Multi CDN' > 'Cache control'. 

Next, choose the site where your target domain belongs. To do this, go to the Operation level panel on the top left side of the platform, and select the site on the ‘Site’ panel.

On ‘Cache control’, select ‘Purge cache’, and click ‘Add purge cache'.

After hitting 'Add purge cache', the system will check if this domain is a standard domain or a wildcard domain.

To perform purge you need to enter the full URL/path:{filename}.{filetype}

For example:

If you'd like to purge a specific file type without entering the path for all the files, simply use the following format:*.{filetype}

For example:*.jpg

Finally, click the ‘Purge’ button to purge the domain.

You may enter up to 10 paths for each purge.