How to install an additional CDN?

Once you added your domain, you have the option to install additional CDNs. You can see all your options in Power-Ups.

Installing a CDN in Power-Ups

Click on a CDN you'd like to install and you'll see all the related information for that CDN.

Introduction: a descriptive introduction of this Power-Ups

  • Rate: all rates will be included here for all CDN Power-Ups
  • Features: some of the highlights and things to be aware of for this Power-Ups
  • Domain: select which domain you'd like to install this Power-Ups

You will not be charged upon installation for all CDN Power-Ups, all usages will be calculated at the end of the billing cycle

Upgrade and install

If the plan on your domain doesn't have enough access, the 'Install' button will have a small thunder icon next to it hinting you to upgrade.

You can click on it and it will let you know which plan to upgrade to and the cost that comes with it.