How to install an additional CDN?

Once you add your site, you have the option to install additional CDNs to any of your domains. You can see all your options in ‘Power-Ups’.

All the CDN available on Mlytics Power-Up Marketplace are grouped into different categories: All CDN, Basic CDN, Global CDN, Regional CDN, In-China CDN, Near-China CDN, Support package, Utilities, and Custom CDN. 

You can install the CDN that is most appropriate to suit your needs.

Installing a CDN Power-Ups

Click on a CDN you'd like to install and you will see all the relevant information shown on the CDN Power-Up Card.

  • Introduction: a brief description for this CDN Power-Ups
  • Rate: rates of all CDN Power-Ups will be included here 
  • Features: some highlights and features for this CDN Power-Ups
  • Domain: select which domain you'd like to install this CDN Power-Ups

Click the ‘Install’ button and ‘Confirm’ to install your chosen CDN.

You will NOT be immediately charged upon installation for all CDN Power-Ups. All charges will be based on traffic usages and will be calculated at the end of the billing cycle.

Upgrade and install CDN Power-Ups

If the current plan for your domain does not cover access to a particular CDN Power-Up, the 'Install' button has a lightning icon next to it. Clicking this button will guide you to upgrade your plan for you to install the CDN Power-Up.

You can click on the button, and it will let you know which plan to upgrade to, and the cost that comes with it.