What is Zero SSL and Custom SSL?

We offer two SSL types to help you manage and use an SSL certificate for your domain: Zero SSL and Custom SSL. In short, Zero SSL is a free SSL generation tool while Custom SSL enables you to upload your own SSL certificate.

Zero SSL

If you don't have an SSL certificate, you have the option to use Zero SSL to generate one for free. The Zero SSL feature is fully integrated into the platform, which gives you a seamless SSL generation, activation, and management experience. Zero SSL will also auto-renew upon expiring, so no manual renewal is required.

If you choose to use Zero SSL, you'll have to go through a configuration process in which the system will provide guidance to ensure success.

Custom SSL

If you already have an SSL certificate or you prefer to purchase your own, you can upload it to the platform and assign it to a domain. Please note that we only support X.509 SSL at this time.

Since you own the SSL certificate, Mlytics won't able to renew it upon expiring. You're required to purchase a new one and reupload it.