Why it shows 'Usable' on the domain status? (Enterprise)

The status (or domain status) reflects the current state of the domain. When it shows 'Usable', it means the Mlytics platform, SSL, and CNAME were done correctly and functioning, with at least one CDN failing to activate for this domain.

To find out more details, hover over the status and it'll give you more information. Here's an example how what it looks like:

The information here varies depending on what CDNs you installed for the domain

From this image, you can tell that BaishanCloud, CDNetworks, and CloudFront have been installed without an issue, however, Alibaba Cloud and CN2 Apollo (mlytics CN2 service) failed during activation. You do not have to worry since you have at least one working CDN for this domain.

However, we recommend you contact us to resolve this to get the best Mlytics experience.