Adding a domain

Congratulations, you're adding your domain to mlytics! We're here to make sure your setup process is as frictionless as possible. mlytics is a cloud platform so it can get quite technical, but bear with us, we'll try to explain everything using human language.

Everything starts with adding your domain to the platform, and the process is broken down into the following:

  1. Choosing a plan
  2. Filling your domain info
  3. Confirmation

Step 1: choosing a plan

When you click on the 'Add domain' action, you'll need to select a plan before you proceed. This will decide what features will be available to your domain down the road, we recommend checking the pricing page before proceeding. You can upgrade later if you require additional features, but do note that downgrading is currently unavailable (you'll need to contact us to do so.)

If this is your first domain, you can try it free for 7 days on all the plan tiers with no payment info required. However, if this is your second or beyond, there will be an additional process asking for your payment method, and you will be billed immediately once confirmed.

If you've used up your trial and would like to apply for trial on another domain, you'll need to contact us.

Step 2: filling your domain info

Once you selected a plan, you'll need to fill in your domain info on the next page. There are three sections plus some advanced settings in this step:

  • Domain name: This depends on what URL you're using. Let’s say you’re using ',' then you should enter '' in this field.
  • Origin address: Enter the origin address here, either in FQDN or IPv4 format.
  • SSL: Select whether you'd like to set it up immediately after adding your domain or at a later time. We do not recommend selecting 'Setup later' unless you're familiar with the platform.

Advanced settings

  • Origin protocol: You can choose whether to always use 'HTTP' or 'HTTPS', while 'Match Viewer' will automatically identify which is the best option for you.
  • HTTP / HTTPs port: 80 and 443 are the default settings, but you can customize depending on your use case (available only on Business plan.)

Step 3: Confirmation

Once steps 1 - 3 are completed, this final page will show you the information you filled earlier for you to confirm. It will also show what CDNs will be installed automatically upon confirmation.