Where can I find the 'Origin address' for my domain? (Enterprise)

When adding a domain, you will be asked to enter your ‘Origin address’. Here are a couple of methods to help you find the origin address of your domain.

Accessing your hosting service

Simply access your hosting service provider, locate and copy the server IP address, and paste that in the ‘Origin address’ field on the 'General’ page.

On Mac / Linux / Unix devices

Open the 'Terminal' app, and enter the following command:

dig {your site}

The 'Answer Section' is the tested results that contain an A record. The designated IP address serves as the origin address of your site.

On Windows devices

Launch the Windows Command Prompt app, either navigating to Start > Command Prompt or via Run > CMD. Now, enter the following command:

set type=a
{your site}

Now the resulting IP address is the origin address of your site.

If you are already using a CDN, dedicated cyber protection service, or proxy, you should contact your webmaster or hosting provider for your origin IP. You might not able to locate the origin IP via this method.

Also, check out this article for more information on how to use dig and nslookup commands.