Understanding your mlytics trial

How long is my trial?

If you're new to the platform, you'll have access to two 7-day free domain trials for your account. A trial starts from the day you add your domain.

Is there any limitation to my trial?

Upon adding a domain, you will be asked to choose a subscription plan for your trial. The traffic/usage generated via the added domain is limited by the traffic restriction for each plan:

  • Basic: 100G
  • Pro: 500G
  • Business: 1TB

If exceeded the traffic limitation for the selected plan, your trial will end immediately and you will be required to add a credit card to proceed to your official subscription.

Can I cancel my trial?

If you want to cancel or stop your trial, simply remove your domain from the platform.

Only two free domain trials are available per account, it will no longer be available if you've used your free trial

Which plan is eligible for a trial?

All plans, including 'Basic', 'Pro', and 'Business' are available for the 7-day free domain trial.

Can I start another trial if I've already used my two trial opportunities?

No, by default you only have two free domain trials. In case you wish to request a third trial, please contact us. Please note that decisions are made on a case-by-case basis after a thorough analysis of your account, without a guarantee that a third trial will be granted.

Are all the Power-Ups free during the trial as well?

Unfortunately, only basic CDNs (Alibaba Cloud, Cloudflare, CloudFront, and StackPath) are free during the trial. However, if you've hit the total traffic limit of each plan (Basic 100G; Pro 500G; Business 1TB; see pricing to learn more) before the 7-days period, your trial will end immediately and you will be required to add a credit card to proceed to your official subscription.

We're working towards a solution that can open up the trial for all the CDNs. Until then, a credit card is required to access premium CDNs (CDNs other than Alibaba Cloud, Cloudflare, CloudFront, StackPath).

Do I have to pay for anything during the trial?

No payment method is required upon domains in the trial, and you will not be charged for 7 days.

However, if any of the following scenarios occurred, a transaction may be required:

  1. Your trial has ended (7 days)
  2. The total traffic of the basic CDNs (Alibaba Cloud, Cloudflare, CloudFront, StackPath) has exceeded the included bandwidth for the selected plan (see pricing to learn more)
  3. You're attempting to add a premium CDN (CDNs other than Alibaba Cloud, Cloudflare, CloudFront, StackPath)

If your trial has ended, the system will redirect your traffic back to your origin until you have added a payment method. Once a payment method is added, the service will function immediately.

Is there a service level agreement (SLA) during the free trial?

Service level agreements do not apply during the free trial because this is a period to test and explore the mlytics platform, it is suggested that you should not run production applications during the free trial.

What if I'd like a refund?

Please refer to this article.