How can I accelerate the DNS resolution in China?

The process wherein browsers obtain an IP address through a domain name is called name resolution (or DNS lookup). Name resolution is a complex process that involves several DNS servers working together.

A way to accelerate DNS resolution in a particular region is to put the authoritative nameserver near the edge server (or origin server). Using this method, you can accelerate the DNS resolution in China by setting up an authoritative nameserver within China.

To accelerate your DNS resolution in China, navigate to ‘ Marketplace’ > ‘DNS’. Here you can find the China DNS acceleration Power-Up.

Open the Power-Up card, and click the ‘Install’ button to install the China DNS acceleration on your account.

The Power-Up card contains information such as the coverage and the price of China DNS acceleration.

After clicking the ‘Install’ button, you will now be able to accelerate the DNS resolution in China.