How to avail of the Support packages?

In general, Mlytics provides informational support to all users, which includes online knowledge-based materials, and a support team that can provide supplemental answers to questions about the Mlytics platform, its features, user account, and billing matters.

However, Mlytics can provide further support to its users through one of these support packages, namely:

  • Gold (Support 8x5)
  • Platinum (Support 24x7)
  • DDoS Mitigation

To avail any of these Support packages, navigate to ‘Marketplace’ > ‘Support Package’. Here you can find the Support package Power-Ups.

Open the Power-Up card, and click the ‘Install’ button to install your chosen support package on your account.

The following are the price for each support package:

  • Gold (Support 8x5): USD 200
  • Platinum (Support 24x7): USD 1000
  • DDoS Mitigation: USD 5000
The Power-Up cards contain information such as the coverage and the price of each support package. Check this article for more details on their coverages.

After clicking the ‘Install’ button, the Mlytics support team will be available to provide their best support.