How can I bypass the Origin Shield?

There will be instances where you may not need to activate security features for your domain. For these instances, you may need to bypass the Origin Shield for that domain. 

To bypass the Origin shield, navigate to ‘ Multi CDN’ > ‘General Settings’ > ‘Origin Shield status’ card.

You need to set the target domain from the ‘ Operation level panel’.

On the Origin Shield status card, click the gear (settings) button, and then select ‘Bypass Origin Shield’.

Finally, click the ‘Save’ button, to deactivate the Origin Shield for a given domain.

If you decide to reactivate the Origin Shield for a given domain, simply select the ‘Use Origin Shield’.


Here are some conditions where the domain may not be able to bypass the Origin Shield:

  1. If the domain in consideration is using a custom port as its origin port.
  2. If the domain in consideration is using at least one CDN which are incompatible with the matchview origin type. Below is the list of matchview-incompatible CDNs:
    1. Chunghwa Telecom
An error message will be displayed on the screen when you click the ‘Save’ button, if one of the following limitations exist.Origin type and origin port are both site level features. Hence the above-mentioned limitations will cover all the domains belonging to a given site.