Understanding Video Engagement

Video engagement is a metric that helps understand the popularity of your video from start to finish. If many of your viewers drop off within the first 10 seconds, the video engagement chart will reflect this with a sharp drop. This article will help you understand the importance of engagement, and how your videos are performing.

What is Video Engagement?

Video engagement is a chart that shows how your audience is interested in your video since the date it was published. It is an average of each user’s session and it considers skipping, rewinding, and seeking.

Sometimes an engagement chart goes higher than 100% because viewers are replaying the same segments. 

Common Scenarios

The following scenarios can help you to understand your own videos’ engagement. Some of these patterns will be similar to your own charts, and others will be more complex, made up of combinations of these patterns.

Continued Engagement

When the line stays flat, it means your viewers are watching the whole video.

Decreasing Viewership

The start of the chart is the highest and as the video progresses, less viewers continue, so the engagement decreases.


Spikes in the engagement chart will occur when users are watching, rewatching, and sharing parts of the video.


Viewers are skipping segments of your video. 

How we collect Video Engagement data

Our Stream Plug-in (your video player) will send us view and event metrics which we have analyzed to create the engagement chart. These details are averaged over the lifetime of the video.