How to create a stream source?

A stream source specifies where your video streams are hosted and how they are delivered. It consists of an origin server, and a set of CDN providers associated with that origin server. You can also enable P2P (peer-to-peer) delivery, or specify a domain allowlist.

To create a stream source, navigate to ‘ Stream’, and then click the ‘Create stream source’ button.

On this page, you can set up the following:

  • Basic Configuration,
  • CDN Configuration,
  • P2P Delivery, and
  • Domain Allowlist

Basic Configuration

The Basic configuration includes: 

  • Stream source name: a unique name for the stream source
  • Origin server host: the origin server where the video streams are hosted.

CDN Configuration

The CDN configuration includes:

  • CDN name: any of the CDNs that you added to the platform. You may select from the available CDN names or input your Custom CDN name
  • Hostname: this is the domain for the above CDN. The CDN must be linked to the origin where the videos are hosted. It will use to deliver your video content from your origin to the end-users. Check this article to learn how to obtain the CDN hostname.
  • Enable: You may also enable or disable a CDN. If a CDN is disabled, it will not be used for routing and video playback.
  • Score: You can assign scores ranging from 1 to 100 depending on your business needs. CDN with higher scores will have higher routing priority than CDNs with lower scores. 
You can add up to a maximum of 10 CDNs per stream source.

Best practices: 

  • Define at least 2 CDNs. 
  • Each CDN should have a unique hostname (or subdomain)
  • Each CDN must be configured with (point to) the same origin.

P2P Delivery

You can decide whether to enable P2P delivery or not. 

P2P allows users who are accessing the video to deliver video content to other users. Since, this feature reduces the usage of CDN infrastructure, it can reduce the cost of your video streaming services. In addition, P2P uses WebRTC protocol, which can protect the privacy of the stream source.

Domain Allowlist

You can enable the domain allowlist. 

Domain allowlist defines which domain/s or website/s are allowed to broadcast your video streams. 

You can use any domain or wildcard domain, and input up to a maximum of 10 domains. If this feature is disabled, your video stream can be broadcasted to any domains/websites. 

Finally, click the ‘ Create stream source’ button, to create your stream source.

Once you created a stream source, the next step is to setup the software development kit (SDK) into your video streaming application.