How to obtain CDN hostname?

When creating a stream source, you need to add a CDN and its corresponding hostname. CDN hostname is the domain that a CDN will use to deliver your video content from your origin to the end-users.

To obtain the CDN hostname, first, choose a target domain from the operation level panel. This domain will serve as the hostname that you can assign to a specific CDN, for example, 

Then, assign this domain to a specific CDN. To do this, navigate to ' Multi CDN' > 'CDN Management'.

On this page, turn off all CDNs except ONE (1) CDN that you would like to assign the hostname to. Given the example above, the domain will be assigned to GMA.

For this example, will be the CDN hostname of GMA.

Note: The above method applies when your CDN is obtained directly from the Mlytics platform. In case you want to add your existing CDN, you may refer to your CDN provider on how to obtain its CDN hostname.

Finally, you can input the CDN (e.g. GMA) and its corresponding CDN hostname (e.g. under CDN configuration when creating stream source.