Understanding the Audit Log

Mlytics tracks all the activities or changes you have done on your account and then stores them in the Audit log. This way, you will be able to conveniently track and review all your past activities or changes.

To access the Audit Log, navigate to ‘ Account’ > ‘Audit Log’.

The Audit Log table consists of 7 main columns:

  1. Date - the date when the action was done
  2. Domain - the domain which action was acted upon
  3. Actions - the actions done to the domain, e.g. update, create_record, delete_record, scan_record, create_site, etc.
  4. User - the email address of the person who did the action
  5. IP Address - the IP address of the person who did the action
  6. Changes - the component of the platform where the action was implemented, e.g. dns, origin_address, ddos, zone, settings, etc.
  7. Source - the platform user who did the action, e.g. user.

Users can click on a specific log to check the details of the changes done in a form of JSON file.

You may contact our Support team by clicking the help button on the lower right corner to understand the details of each log.