How to get onboarded to Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS?

To get onboarded to Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS, first you need to create an AWS Marketplace account.

Create an AWS account

To create an AWS account, first, visit their website at and then click the ‘Create a new account' link on the top right corner.

You will be directed to the AWS sign up page, where you have to input your email address and account name, and then verify your email address.

After verifying your email address, you will need to follow the 5-step sign up process.

  1. Create a password
  2. Input your contact information
  3. Input your billing information
  4. Confirm your identity
  5. Select a plan.
We recommend selecting the Basic Support - Free Plan.

After you finish the 5 steps, click the ‘ Complete sign up’ button.

You will be directed to the ‘Congratulations’ page, where you will be instructed to ‘ Go to the AWS Management Console’ to sign in to your account.

Sign in to your AWS account

To sign in, choose ‘ Root user’ and then input your verified email address, then click the 'Next' button to input your password, and finally click the ‘Sign in’ button.

When you successfully signed in, you will enter the ‘Console Home’ page. Here, you can search for ‘Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS’ from the search bar at the top of the page.

Create Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS contract and account

This is how the ‘Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS’ page looks like.

On this page, you can click the ‘ View purchase option’ button to first configure your Mlytics contract.

The configure your software contract, you need to select an option for:

  1. How long do you want your contract to run?: 1 month.
  2. Renewal settings: Yes or No.
  3. Contract options: Subscription USD100/unit.

After you set the configurations of your contract, click the ‘ Create contract’ button.

Then, you will be requested to pay for your subscription. Click ‘Pay now’ to proceed.

After you pay for your subscription, you can create an ‘Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS account’ by clicking the ‘ Set up your account’ button.

Create Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS account

You will be directed to the Mlytics Signup page.

Fill up the necessary fields and click the ‘Sign up’ button to sign up.

Get onboarded to Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS

Once you finished signing up, you are now ready to get onboarded to the Mlytics Origin Shield for AWS,

You may follow this link or directly watch this video below to get onboarded.