Understanding the SSL list and SSL statuses

When you add a new site to the Mlytics platform, the system will automatically add (when you use Mlytics DNS) or notify you on how to add an SSL certificate for each domain. 

To track the status of the SSL certificates for each domain, the Mlytics platform provides a summary table which you can find at ‘Multi CDN’ > ‘SSL List’.

On the SSL list table, you can find various information such as:

  • Common name: the domain name where the SSL certificate is applied
  • Certificate type: the type of SSL certificate.
    • Zero SSL: free SSL certificate offered by Mlytics
    • Custom SSL: SSL certificate that is brought by users
    • Akamai SSL: SSL certificate required for Akamai CDN
  • SSL Status: the current status of the SSL certificate
    • Active - the SSL certificate is currently used by a domain
    • Inactive - the SSL certificate is not used by any domain
    • Issuing - the SSL certificate is being processed, user may need to wait* or set up manually to activate
    • Deleting - the SSL certificate is being deleted.
  • Expiration date: the date when the SSL certificate will expire.
* When a user uses Mlytics DNS for a given site/domain, Zero SSL will be installed automatically. SSL certificates for these domains will initially have a ‘Issuing’ status. It may take several minutes to finish the installation. Users don’t need to do anything.