How to count and track integrated CDNs?

When you visit Home or any of the Overview pages, you will notice the ‘ MCDN integration’ tracker which tracks the total number of integrated CDNs to all your domains.

Counting the number of integrated CDNs

The easiest way to count the integrated CDNs is by going to ‘ Marketplace’ > ‘Installed Power-Ups’ > ‘CDN’ tab.

On the CDN tab, look into the ‘ Status’ column and count the CDNs with the status of ‘Installed’.

Since the same domains are listed together, you can easily count the number of installed CDNs for each domain. 

By adding all the installed CDNs in all the domains, you will be able to get the same value reported in the MCDN integration tracker.

Tracking the integrated CDNs

You can track the integrated CDNs on a given domain in 2 ways:

  1. During adding Site (or Onboarding)
  2. During purchasing CDN Power-Ups

During adding Site (or Onboarding)

On the first step of adding a site, all of your domains will be listed on the table. On each domain, you may activate the ‘ Multi CDN’ feature by turning on the switch under the ‘Multi CDN’ column.

When you turn on this switch on a given domain, 3 Basic CDNs (namely StackPath, GMA, and Cloudfront) will be installed in this domain, by default. In other words, activating the ‘Multi CDN’ feature will automatically add 3 CDNs per domain.

Using the illustration above, activating the ‘Multi CDN’ feature to 2 domains will install 3 CDNs to each domain (or a total of 6 CDNs for both domains).

You may check this article to learn how to add a site.

During purchasing CDN Power-Ups

When you purchase a CDN Power-Up on a given domain, you need to specify the domain to which you will install this CDN. This mean, you can only install 1 CDN at a time for a given domain.

Using the illustration above, purchasing Fastly CDN for this specific domain, Fastly CDN will only be installed to that given domain and will install only 1 CDN.

You may check this article to learn how to install a CDN Power-Ups.
Note: For both adding site and purchasing CDN Power-Ups, there may be situations where a CDN could not be installed successfully. For such cases, only those which are successfully installed will be counted.