How to enable HTTP persistent connection?

HTTP persistent connection is a performance enhancement feature that reduces latency and allows web pages to load faster. 

It uses a mechanism called idle keepalive connections to hold open the TCP connection between the client and the server. This is done by regularly sending HTTP keepalive messages, so when the client needs to conduct another HTTP transaction it will simply use the idle keepalive connection rather than creating a new TCP connection.

To enable HTTP persistent connection, navigate to ‘ Multi CDN’ > ‘General settings’ > ‘Persistent connection’. 

You need to set the target domain from the ‘ Operation level panel’.

On the ‘Persistent connection’ box, click the ‘Settings’ (gear) icon to set the ‘Keepalive time’.

Keepalive time is the duration that the link will remain connected after it becomes idle. It can be set from 1 to 100 seconds, with a default value is 75 seconds.

This feature is an Origin Shield performance enhancement feature. Hence, you need to activate the Origin Shield first. Follow this link to learn how to activate Origin Shield.