What is the difference between “Bring my CDN account” and “Custom CDN”?

Both “ Bring my CDN account” and “Custom CDN” allow customers to upgrade their content delivery strategy to Multi CDN strategy without them needing to cancel their existing “single CDN” contracts.

However, the core difference between the two lies in the degree of CDN integration they have with the platform. Below shows the comparison between the two:

Parameter Custom CDN Bring my CDN account
Integration type Light integration Full integration
Integration requirement CDN CNAME CDN API key
CDN compatibility All CDNs (within and outside* the marketplace) Cloudfront**
Platform control Orchestration mode: 
  • can utilize DEM-Routing strategy
Manage mode:
  • can utilize DEM-Routing strategy;
  • can utilize Multi CDN-Cache control
  • can utilize Multi CDN-CDN management tools: GZIP compression, WebSocket, and ignore query string;
  • can be installed with Zero SSL or custom SSL;
  • can be integrated with Origin Shield natively; and
  • CDN performance is reported in Multi CDN Analytics 
*Need to create a pulse monitoring assets
**The integration of other CDNs, besides Cloudfront, is already in progress.