How do Cloudfront users obtain the required fields for “Bring my CDN account”? (Enterprise)

Below are the required fields for “Bring my CDN account” for AWS Cloudfront users:

  1. accessKeyId = the access key id
  2. secretAccessKey = the access secret key
  3. region = one of the regions that AWS supported.

Check this article to learn more on how to bring your existing AWS Cloudfront CDN account to the Mlytics platform.

Generate API keys

Before generating API keys, here are the prerequisites:

  1. Users must have an AWS account.
  2. This account should have permissions to operate service IAM, and be able to “create user”.

When all the prerequisites are satisfied, follow the instruction below to generate API keys.

  1. Enter AWS service IAM, choose User, and then click Add users.
  2. Enter Name, and select Programmatic access only (the first one).
  3. Click Next: Permissions.
  4. Choose Attach existing policies directly (the third one). Select permissions among policies:
    1. CloudFrontFullAccess
    2. CloudWatchFullAccess
    3. AWSCertificateManagerFullAccess.
  5. Click Next: Tags.
  6. Click Next: Review. Your page should be similar to the screenshot below.
  7. Click Create user.
  8. Copy the access key id and the access secret key, or download the csv file.