How can I bring my existing CDN account to the platform? (Enterprise)

If you already have an existing CDN account and you would like to upgrade your CDN strategy to Multi CDN, you can do that by integrating your existing CDN account into the Mlytics platform.

Integrated CDN will be able to utilize all the available CDN management tools, like smart load balancing, cache control, CDN management (compress, websocket, ignore query string), etc.

To do this, navigate to ‘ Account’ (topmost right icon) > ‘Bring my CDN account’. 

Then click the ‘ Add API key’ button to proceed.

On the ‘Add API key’ screen, you are asked to fill in:

  • Platform (CDN): You can choose the CDN that you want to integrate into the platform (for now, only CloudFront is available)
  • Region: You can choose the region of your CDN. 
  • Access key ID: This is the access key ID of your CDN account.
  • Secret access key: This is the secret access key of your CDN account.

Press the ‘Add’ button when you are done.

All integrated CDNs are listed in the ‘Bring my CDN account’ table. 

You may edit an integrated CDN by clicking the ‘Settings’ (pen) button.