Understanding Mlytics Free tier

All users who successfully added their site to the Mlytics platform are qualified to receive the Free tier. Users can use the Free tier to explore and evaluate Mlytics platform products and services.

With the Free tier, users can use most features (e.g. Smart load balancing, DNS, Multi CDNs, etc.) in Mlytics platform free of charge within specified usage quotas. When you stay within the Free tier quotas, these resources are not charged against your Free credit or to your Mlytics billing account's payment system. Different plans have different usage quotas.

Free tier details

The Free Tier provides limited access to many common Mlytics products and services free of charge. Similar to the Free credit, the Free Tier is available to all Mlytics platform users.

Free Tier resources are provided at intervals, usually monthly. Each plan offers a different level of Free Tier. Please refer to the Pricing page for detailed information. 

Free Tier resources are not credits; they don't accumulate or roll over from one interval to the next. Free Tier resources are calculated per billing account.

a. Free tier Eligibility

You are eligible for the Free Tier program if your Mlytics billing account is active and in good standing.

If you think you are being incorrectly charged for Free Tier usage, contact our support team for assistance.

b. Free tier Initiation

Once the user successfully added a site, no special action is required by the user for them to use resources that offer Free Tier usage.

c. Free tier Coverage

Free Tier coverage varies by products and services (check the Free tier usage quota). Not all Mlytics products and services have Free tier.

d. Free tier Duration

The Free tier is offered on intervals, usually monthly, and has no end date. However Mlytics reserves the right to change the offering, including changing or eliminating usage quotas, subject to 30 days advance notice.

e. Use during Free credit validity period

When users use resources covered by Free tier during the Free credit validity period, those resources are not charged against their Free credits.

f. How will my account be billed considering the Free tier quota?

Within the validity period of the Free credit, any usage or purchases incurred will be deducted from your Free credit first. In addition, usage below the Free tier quota will not be billed.

Total Bill = Free Credits - [Subscribed plan + enabled add-ons + usage above Free tier quota

If the result is positive - you will not be charged.

If the result is negative - the amount will be recorded as a debt. 

Note: You can learn more about debt and credit limit here.

Free tier usage quotas

Free Tier resources that are available in the Mlytics platform and services are listed in the table below, together with their scope and limitations. Free tier usage quotas are different for different plans. For information see our pricing page.

Note: *Dynamic routing add-on needs to be purchased first, before users can avail the Free tier.
**China DNS add-on needs to be purchased first, before users can avail the Free tier.
***Origin shield add-on needs to be purchased first, before users can avail the Free tier.

Try it for yourself 

If you are new to Mlytics, you can create an account and add your site to evaluate how our products perform in real-world scenarios. Again, all users are entitled for the Free tier to test and deploy Mlytics Multi CDN, Smart load balancing, DNS, Origin Shield, and all available Mlytics products and services.

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Exceeding Free tier usage quotas

Any usage above Free tier usage quotas is automatically billed at standard rates. 

Follow this link to learn more about Mlytics billing logic and credit limit.

You can help monitor to control costs by monitoring the Traffic and request tracker, and Integrated features tracker which you can find at the platform's ‘Home’ > ‘Overview’.

Questions, Comments, Feedbacks?

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about Mlytics Free tier, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by clicking the ‘Help’ button below.