Which CDNs are available on each plan?

Mlytics is the largest CDN marketplace in the world. With that, each plan provides a wide range of CDNs a user can install in their domains. Let’s look at the available CDNs for each plan

For Developer plan

Developer plan users can install the Basic CDNs, the Global CDNs, and the Regional CDNs.

  • Basic CDN: Cloudflare, Global Accelerator, and StackPath
  • Global CDN: Akamai, Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud DCDN, Baishan Cloud, CDN Networks, Cloudfront, and Fastly
  • Regional CDN: Chunghwa Telecom, and Vnetwork
  • Custom CDN: This feature allows the CDNs that the users are already using to be integrated to the Mlytics platform.
Check this article to learn more about Custom CDN.

For Business plan

Business plan users can install all the CDNs offered in the Developer plan plus the China RIM CDNs.

  • China RIM CDN: CDNetworks CDL, China Cache, Tencent Cloud RIM, and Wangsu RIM
Please take note of the compatibility of the CDNs. Check the ‘Cannot install with’ in each ‘Power-Up’ card.

For Enterprise plan

Enterprise plan users can install all the CDNs offered in the Business plan plus the China CDNs.

  • China CDN: Alibaba Cloud DCDN In-China, Alibaba Cloud In-China, BaishanCloud In-China, ChinaCache In-China, TencentCloud In-China, and Wangsu In-China