Managing your DNS records

Mlytics provides a user-friendly platform to let you manage your DNS records efficiently.

To manage your DNS records, go to ‘ DNS’ > ‘DNS Records’. Then choose your target site using the ‘Site panel’ on the operation level panel. 

You can manage your DNS records in 4 ways:

  1. Add a DNS record
  2. Edit an existing DNS record
  3. Remove a DNS record
  4. Activate and deactivate Multi CDN

Adding a DNS record

To add a new DNS record to your site, click the ‘ Add record’ button.

You can configure 3 fields:

  • Type: the type of record you’re adding
  • Record name: the namespace that will be called during a query
  • TTL: time-to-live, the length of time for which the DNS record will be cached
  • Value: RDATA, the data that is returned during a DNS search
To learn more about different types of DNS records and record fields, read this article.

Editing a DNS record

To edit an existing DNS record, hover your cursor over a DNS record. Click on the ‘ Edit’ button (arrow down icon) on the right side.

On this page, you can modify the details of a DNS record, such as record name, TTL, and value (RDATA), but record type cannot be changed. 

Click the ‘Save’ button once finished. 

Removing a DNS record

To remove an existing DNS record, hover your cursor over a DNS record. Click on the ‘Edit’ button (arrow down icon) on the right side. On the lower left of the panel you will see the ‘ Delete’ button.

Once clicked, the system will ask for confirmation. It will delete the record after the confirmation.

Activate/deactivate Multi CDN of a domain

To activate or deactivate the Multi CDN function for a domain (or DNS record), hover your cursor over a DNS record, and simply toggle the switch on or off.

Turning on will activate Multi CDN for the domain.

You can turn on/off Multi CDN at any time, but you have to monitor the availability of your domain, as turning off Multi CDN for a domain may sometimes cause unexpected issues.