How to use the Notification center?

Mlytics stores all account level messages and information in the notification center. The notification center can be accessed by clicking the ‘Bell’ icon on the topmost right corner of the platform.

Messages in the notification center are grouped into 5 categories:

  1. All: this contains all messages.
  2. Critical: these are account- and origin-related messages that need immediate action.
  3. Warning: these are CDN-, SSL-, and usage-related messages that need immediate action.
  4. Notice: these are messages that notify users of successful processes.
  5. Info: these are messages that inform users about updates, maintenance, etc.

The users can also filter messages in two criteria:

  1. Read status: either the message is already been ‘read’ or still ‘unread’
  2. Message type: whether the message is about ‘CDN’, ‘DNS’, or ‘SSL’ 

Messages in the notification center are presented in the form of a ticket, and contain summarized information and instructions on what to do next. Clicking the ticket will automatically direct the user to the page which was written on the instruction.

When there is a new message, the ‘Bell’ icon will have a red notification dot.

It is advised to always check the Notification center regularly for platform notices and other information that will be helpful in achieving proper operation of your account.