Understanding Mlytics free credit

All users who sign up for an Mlytics account are entitled to receive a USD 300-worth of free credit. 

How to avail the free credit?

Right after a user completes the sign up process with a valid credit card, the user will automatically receive the USD 300-worth of free credit.

What is the scope of my free credit?

One account will be automatically rewarded with a free credit. 

Note: Sites registered in one account cannot be registered again in another account. This is to mitigate abuse or spamming of free credit.

Until when my free credit will remain valid?

The free credit has a 30-day expiration period. Hence, the following scenario will end the validity of the free credit:

  1. The 30-day expiration period was reached.
  2. The USD 300 were fully consumed.

You can track your remaining free credit on the Billing info tracker from ‘Overview’ (the ‘Home’ page).

What are the things that can consume my free credit?

When the free credit is still valid, any usage or purchases done will consume the free credit. There are 4 ways that users can consume their free credit: 

  1. Plan subscription,
  2. Usage, 
  3. Installing additional features, and 
  4. Enabling add ons. 
Note: Different plans have differences on subscription price, usage free quota, and on add on prices. Check the pricing page to learn more about the pricing on each plan.

How will my account be billed when I have free credit?

When your free credit is still valid, any usage or purchases incurred will be deducted from your free credit first. 

Total Bill = Free Credits - [Subscribed plan + installed additional features + enabled add-ons + usage above free-tier quota] 

In this equation:if result is positive this means there are still free credit remains, hence user will not be charged; but If the result is negative this means the amount will be billed from the user’s credit card.

In other words, if there are remaining free credits after a billing, then the remaining free credit will be used in the next billing; but if all the free credit is fully consumed, then the bill will be charged directly from the credit card.

Note: Billing will be triggered when the user exceeds the credit limit. You can learn more about credit limit here.

Can I have another free credit after I've used it all up?

The quick answer is No. By default you only have one free credit per account. In case you wish to request an additional free credit for the same account, please contact us. Please note that decisions are made on a case-by-case basis after a thorough analysis of your account, without a guarantee that an additional free credit will be granted.