How to upgrade your plan?

There are two ways to upgrade your plan:

1. On ‘Billing page’

2. Via the ‘Lightning’ icon 

On ‘Billing’ page

To upgrade the plan of your account, navigate to ‘Account’ > ‘Billing’.

On this page, you will be informed on which plan you currently have, and also the core features of the plan upgrade. 

Click the ‘Upgrade’ Button to continue.

Via the ‘Lightning’ icon (On unavailable features)

When you're attempting to use a feature that's not available to your current plan, the interface will notify you that you'll need to upgrade your plan first by showing a ‘Lightning’ icon.

You can also find the lightning icon in several locations. For example, in the ‘Route map’ on ‘DEM’, when you want to check a cache rule, you will see a lightning icon next to the ‘Add cache rules’ button. 

To upgrade the plan of your account simply click any of these ‘Lightning’ icon buttons.

After clicking either the ‘Upgrade’ button or the ‘Lightning’ icon button, the system will direct you to the ‘Select plan’ page containing the upgrade details. 

You can choose which plan, and also check the details of each plan on the pricing page for comparison. After that, click the ‘Upgrade’ button.

Once the upgrade is done, you will be directed to the 'Billing' page. You can confirm the status of your plan on this page.

Upgrading to the Enterprise plan requires you to upgrade to the Business plan first. Following the same upgrade process above will direct you to the Sales team messaging system.