How to add a domain?

After you added your site in the Mlytics platform during the onboarding stage, you were asked to add a domain/s as well. However, after the onboarding, what if you want to add more domains under your site?

To add more domains, go to ‘Multi CDN’ > ‘Quick actions’ > ‘Add domain’

On the ‘Add domain’ page, you will be notified on which site the new domain will be added. 

To add a domain, you need to specify the domain name by typing the host name (a.k.a. third level domain name) into the site name, e.g. www, ftp, learning, etc.

Then specify the origin address. Origin address is the address where the domain name will be directed, it can be another domain name (FQDN) or an IP address (IPv4).

Check this article to learn more about domain name and IP address.

After that, press the 'Add button’, then the system will automatically add the domain address to the system.