Is Mlytics compatible with Shopify-built e-commerce platforms?

Perhaps you built an e-commerce platform from Shopify, and want to improve your platform's global performance, or you you wanted to make sure that your platform is always up and running even during a huge CDN outages (e.g. Akamai Outage,Fastly Outage,Cloudflare Outage). You evaluated that a Multi CDN is the perfect solution to attain your goals.

Although Mlytics offers a fast and convenient Multi CDN solution, Mlytics is yet to establish cooperation with some 3rd-party e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify. Shopify tightly manages the domains used in their platform, and all the configurations and compatible 3rd-party tools that can be integrated with it (e.g. CDN services).

For the meantime, Mlytics cannot be integrated into Shopify-built e-commerce platforms yet. However, Mlytics is finding ways to integrate our Multi CDN platform with Shopify-built platforms. 

If you would like to learn more about Mlytics Multi CDN solution, please contact our support team by clicking the ‘Help’ button below.