What is 'Beacon' code?

Mlytics Beacon code is a JavaScript code snippet used for real user monitoring (RUM). It serves two purposes:

  1. Project real user performance data of your domain to the 'Pulse' chart.
  2. Improves the CDN optimization accuracy by feeding the data to the platform.

Installing the Beacon code

Navigate to ‘DEM’ > 'Pulse', and click the ‘Install beacon code’ button.

Copy all the content in the 'Beacon code' field, and paste it just before the </head> tag of your page.

Configuring your Beacon code

There are three things you can customize:

  1. Startup delay: the amount of time to wait to trigger the Beacon code after a user loads the page
  2. Repeat delay:  the amount of time to wait to re-trigger the Beacon code
  3. # of domains to measure: if you installed the Beacon code on multiple domains, you can set the maximum number of domains to measure, and the system will randomly pick domains based on your settings.