How to activate SNI?

SNI allows a server having a unique IP address to provide the correct SSL certificate of the requested website even if that server hosts multiple websites and multiple SSL certificates. 

To activate SNI for a specific domain, go to CDN > General settings. Then select the domain name from the dropdown menu on the top left.

On the ‘Origin protocol’ section, click the ‘Setting’ icon located on the top right.

Select either ‘Match viewer’ or ‘HTTPS’ on the ‘Protocol type’ section, and then check the ‘Enable SNI’ checkbox.

Finally, click the ‘Save’ button.

An ‘SNI enabled: Yes’ status will be shown under the ‘Protocol port’ section to indicate that SNI functionality has been successfully enabled.

With Mlytics Zero SSL, the issue of some browsers being incompatible with SNI is eliminated.

Check this article to learn more about SNI.