Managing firewall rules

To manage firewall rules, navigate to ‘Origin Shield’ > 'Firewall rules'. 

You need to set the target domain from the ‘ Operation level panel’.

On this page you can achieve the following:

  1. Enable/disable a rule
  2. Edit an existing rule
  3. Remove a rule
  4. Reorder rules

Enable/disable a rule

To enable or disable a rule, simply toggle the ‘Enable’ switch on or off.

Editing a rule

To edit an existing rule, hover your cursor over a rule. Click on the ‘Edit’ (gear) button on the right side.

Editing a rule follows the same procedure as adding them. Check this article for the procedure.

Removing a rule

To remove an existing rule, hover over a rule and click the ‘Trash can’ icon. Once clicked, the system will ask for confirmation. It will delete the rule after confirmation.

Reordering rules

If you have more than one rule, the order you set on the rules will dictate which rule will be triggered first. The system sets the topmost rule to have the highest priority, while the bottommost has the lowest.

To arrange the order, first click the ‘Priority’ (list box) icon at the topmost right side.

Drag and drop a selected rule to the position that you want.

Once you're done, click the 'Reorder' button to save the new rule order.