Managing firewall and API protection rules

First, click the ‘CDN’ tab on the navigation bar, and navigate to 'Enhanced security', then go to 'Firewall rules'. 

In this article, firewall rule and API protection rule are described collectively as “rule”.

On this page you can achieve the following:

  1. Activate/deactivate a rule
  2. Edit an existing rule
  3. Remove a rule
  4. Reorder rules

Activating/deactivating a rule

To activate or deactivate rule, simply toggle the ‘Enable’ switch. Turning this on will activate the selected rule.

Editing a rule

To edit an existing rule, hover your cursor over a rule. Click on the edit button (gear icon) on the right side.

Editing a rule follows the same procedure as adding them. Check this article for the procedure.

For API protection rule, you may also review if by clicking on the preview button besides the edit button.

Removing a rule

To remove an existing rule, hover over a rule and you will find a trash can icon. Once clicked, the system will ask for confirmation, and will proceed to delete after confirmed.

Reordering rules

If you have more than one rule, the order you set for the rules is extremely important, because this will dictate which rule to trigger first. The system set the top most rule to have the highest priority, while the bottom most has the lowest.

You can arrange the order by clicking the ‘Priority’ (list box) icon at the topmost right side.

Now you can drag and drop the selected rule into the order you want.

Once you're done, click the 'Reorder' button to save.