How to set up an SSL certificate for my domain? (for manual DNS configuration)

We recommend setting up an SSL certificate for your domain after you finish adding your site to the Mlytics platform via the manual DNS configuration process.

If you choose to use ‘Auto configuration process’ for your DNS setup, zero SSL will be automatically deployed to your domain. 

To do that, go to ‘Domain’ on the navigation bar, select ‘General settings’, and go to the ‘SSL’ section. In this section, click the ‘Setup’ button. 

After clicking ‘Setup’, a dialog box will provide a set of instructions on how to perform the SSL certificate set up.

Once the setup is finished click 'Verify', the system will check and verify if the required records are set up properly. Once verified the SSL certificate will be deployed to your domain immediately. 

You can check the SSL certificate status of your domain on the ‘SSL list’ page.

‘Active’ means that the SSL certificate is successfully deployed to your domain. When in ‘Active’, the certificate type and expiration date will also be available.

If the SSL certificate setup process was unsuccessful, the system will inform you which record is missing and further troubleshooting may be required.