How to remove a domain from the Mlytics Multi CDN platform?

Click the ‘CDN’ tab on the navigation bar, and navigate to the 'General settings' page. 

On the upper left side you can find a drop down menu. Select the domain name that you would like to remove.

Scroll all the way to the bottom, and click the ‘Remove domain’ button on the bottom right of the page.

Then click the ‘Remove’ button to remove the domain entirely.

It should be noted that the domain will still be available in the DNS record. Removing the domain only means removing the Mlytics Multi CDN feature.

Mlytics CDN feature is separate from the Mlytics DNS service.

How to add the removed domain back to the platform?

To add back a removed domain, you can simply “activate” the multi CDN function for that domain on the DNS record page. Check this article to guide you through the process.