How can I switch from ‘My DNS’ to Mlytics DNS?

Navigate to the ‘DNS records’ page, and simply click the ‘Switch to Mlytics DNS’ button on the top.

After clicking the button, you will be directed to the ‘Change nameserver’ page.

Then follow the instructions provided:

  1. Log in to your DNS registrar, and clear all the nameservers.
  2. Replace them with the Mlytics nameservers. You can click the copy icon to copy the nameserver.
  3. Wait for the system to verify automatically.

Once you click ‘Confirm’, you will be directed to the DNS Record page. 

The verification process may take up to 24 hours. 

If the nameserver verification is still in process on the ‘DNS records’ page, you’ll see the ‘Pending nameserver update’ button. Clicking on it will take you back to the DNS setup instruction page.

If the nameserver is verified, the button will disappear and provide you with your nameserver information.

It is advised that you double-check the DNS records from your current DNS to see whether all the records are being included.

You can always add, edit, or delete a DNS record if you see fit. You can also continue to set up your domain by activating/deactivating Multi CDN. Check this article to learn more.