How to complete the CNAME setup? (for manual DNS configuration)

When a user uses the Managed DNS (i.e. step 3 of the onboarding process), the system will automatically enable the Multi CDN functionality to all 'boosted' domains added to the platform.

However, when a user doesn’t use Managed DNS, the user needs to set up the Mlytics assigned CNAME manually in their registrar in order to enable the Multi CDN functionality. 

Again, we recommend using Managed DNS for a seamless Multi CDN activation experience.

Before proceeding, you first have to check whether your DNS supports APEX CNAME or not. This is extremely important as some DNS do not support APEX CNAME. Here is a list of DNS providers that support APEX CNAME (or ALIAS, ANAME)

Check your DNS records

Log in to your registrar and check your DNS records. For most domains without CDN installed, it should look like this:

Type Name Value
A {origin server IP}

Or, if you already have a CDN installed, it'll probably look like this:

Type Name Value

Copy the assigned CNAME

If you are already using a CDN, this process probably won't cause too much trouble for you since Mlytics assigned CNAME process is identical.

To copy the assigned CNAME, navigate to ‘ DNS’ > ‘DNS Records’.

This feature operates on the site level. You need to set the target site from the ‘ Operation level panel’.

Hover over your target DNS record, then click the ‘copy’ (paper) icon on the right section. This will copy the assigned CNAME for that particular DNS record (domain).

Then log in to your registrar.

Finally, paste the copied assigned CNAME to the ‘value’ field of your target DNS record.

We recommend you forward this to your technical team if this seems too technical to you.

If done properly, your DNS record should look like any of this:


Root domain:

Type Name Value
CNAME {Mlytics Assigned CNAME}


Root domain:

Type Name Value
CNAME {Mlytics Assigned CNAME}

Once done, the Mlytics will access your DNS records to look for the updated records. After your DNS records have been verified, you should be good to go.

For more details on how to configure my DNS provider for CNAME setup, please check this article.